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Turf Flow

Hancor 2" (50mm)Turf Flow® pipe – available plain or perforated – is perfect for the quick drainage response you need. Networks of Turf Flow tubing connect to vacuum pumps, a system that can be used on athletic playing fields to quickly draw water from the playing surface.

Installation can be completed with minimal turf disruption, making Turf Flow ideal for improving the effectiveness of existing systems. Pipe joins with a full line of twist-on fittings.

Turf Flow's flexibility enables it to be used in many applications other pipes can't accommodate. Turf Flow can be snaked around obstructions and can be laid at ends of paved driveways to prevent frost damage.

Turf Flow's exclusive narrow-slit perforation design requires no filter wrap to prevent sand from entering the system for long-term, effective drainage. The product is available in rolls up to 500' (152m).


2" (50mm)


Rolls up to 500' (150m)


Local Manufacturer's Recommendations

Joining System:

External couplers

Markets and Typical Applications


  • Foundation/Edge
  • Drains
  • Sub Drainage


  • Paths/Walkways/Edge
  • Drains
  • Sports Playing Fields
  • Golf Course Drainage
  • Landscape/Sub Drainage


  • Irrigation Ditch Enclosures

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