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Sanitary sewer pipe designed for watertight performance


Hancor has maintained an ongoing commitment to environmental solutions for more than a century. That commitment has resulted in a new top performing High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) product for the sanitary sewer market. SaniTite Sanitary Sewer HDPE Pipe delivers the features that engineers, contractors and municipalities demand – durability, performance, handling, toughness during installation and simplified field fabrication.

SaniTite was created through ten years of field trials, research and development resulting in a High Density Polyethylene sanitary sewer pipe that is a cost-effective alternative to traditional materials. A watertight joint is critical in sanitary applications to prevent water infiltration and sewer exfiltration. That’s why the Hancor patented reinforced bell-and-spigot joint coupling system plays a vital role in SaniTite pipe. The joint has been field proven in many sanitary sewer watertight storm drainage applications.

To meet the deeper burial depths and ground water pressure of sanitary lines, the pipe is heavier than traditional corrugated HDPE storm sewer pipe. In fact, the resins that SaniTite utilizes are 100% virgin HDPE Material. Available in sizes from 30" to 60", SaniTite is ideal for industrial and municipal sanitary trunk and transmission lines.


  • High Performance HDPE used to withstand long-term environmental and installed conditions.
  • Tough, high impact resistance HDPE to resist breakage.
  • Available in 20' lengths for shallow burial and shorter lengths to safely accommodate trench boxes.
  • Lightweight, easy to handle, easily cut in field.
  • Bell-and-spigot joint for ease and speed of connection.
  • High UV resistance for hassle-free site storage.
  • Heavier weight for deeper installations.
  • Smooth liner for greater hydraulics.
  • Extended bell and spigot for easier joint assembly and greater performance.


Hancor SaniTite pipe is made from virgin High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material, which is arguably the best material to withstand abrasion, and corrosive attacks from acidic and alkaline soils as well as the harsh chemicals found in industrial waste and municipal sewer. HDPE specifications have no allowance for fillers or recycled material when conforming to ASTM D3350. This virgin material assures the physical properties meet the minimum classification of 435400C as defined and described in ASTM D3350. This assures impact strength and long-term service life for the tough, real world environment of sanitary sewer.

The Hancor patented composite joint system is used to assure long-term watertightness. Joint tightness exceeds the minimum requirement of ASTM D3212. The composite jointing system not only meets the laboratory test of ASTM D3212 but has been shown to provide continuous watertight performance. At the heart of success for the jointing system is the patented reinforced bell-and-spigot technology. Bells for SaniTite are extended to provide a longer sealing area. In addition the multiple gaskets are used for redundant watertight joining.

Heavier wall and high performance HDPE assure owners and contractors of the structural integrity of the Hancor SaniTite pipe. This all adds up to a more installation friendly pipe.

Hancor sanitary sewer pipe uses state-of-the-art seamless construction with annular corrugations which provide superb structural integrity. Some manufacturers use helically wrapped thermoplastic pipe technology, which provides opportunity for seam separation and splitting. Additionally, Hancor sanitary sewer pipe has integral bells and spigots formed by continuous extrusion without the use of postproduction welding. This tough, highly engineered product is constructed with higher performance material built to withstand the rigors of the installed environment and handle impacts well in excess of its rivals.

Hancor sewer pipe is a dual wall product with a smooth waterway. Advanced material technology in combination with thicker liners translates into smooth liners. With EPA design criteria dictating a Manning’s coefficient consistent with that of RCP, HDPE offers a smooth liner meeting these requirements. Typical in-service field conditions result in a design Manning’s coefficient of not greater than 0.012.

In addition to a superb pipe product, Hancor offers a complete line of fittings, manhole connection adapters, and accessories. In addition to typical fittings, tap tees are also available for post installation connections.


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