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Retention Detention Systems

Today's land developers are being forced to find new ways to manage storm water runoff, largely because of increasingly stringent regulations and skyrocketing land values.

storm water retention systems hold the storm water below ground, without an outlet. Over time, the storm water will percolate into the native soil.

storm water detention systems merely capture storm water temporarily and allow it to be released in a controlled fashion so that it won't be discharged to the natural waterway all at once.

A combined retention/detention system will allow some of the runoff to percolate into the native soil, while the rest will be released at a controlled rate.

Hancor offers a Retention/Detention system – its proven LandMax® pipe system. Landmax provides the following benefits:

  • Increases the usable land available
  • Reduces hazards and safety risks
  • Reduces ongoing maintenance needs and costs
  • Recharges groundwater table more efficiently

storm water retention/detention systems are used by large and small municipalities as well as major commercial developers for retail developments and shopping centers, to manage storm water runoff as required to prevent downstream flooding. They are also used to reduce pollutant storm water discharges to the maximum extent practicable.

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