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Radon Dual Purpose Vented Sump

The Hancor Radon Dual Purpose Vented Sump can be installed solely for radon mitigation or used as a component in an effective foundation drainage system. The potential cancer causing agent radon, can be drawn through the 14-gallon (53 liter) sealed pump and discharged to the outside. The Radon Vented Sump is sold as a kit with most necessary accessories for drainage lines and sump pump connections.

The method of reducing radon gas exposure by using an exhaust ventilation system around the foundation of the house and under the basement floor has demonstrated reductions in radon concentration levels as much as 99 percent.

Hancor offers a complete sump system that provides the most effective radon reduction on the market. The sump provides for both water drainage (14 gallons/53 liter capacity) and the ventilation of toxic or noxious gases. It's lightweight, easy to install, and provides three 3" (75mm) inlet ports.

There is space for the insertion of a fourth 4" (100mm) line at a different elevation. A sealed lid (sold separately) provides for 4" (100mm) diameter PVC Schedule 40 vent pipe; a 1-1/4" (31mm) diameter drain tubing, and a 2" (50mm) sealed electrical outlet. The top is sealed tight to the sump with an 1/8" (3mm) thick foam tape and eight screws for easy accessibility to the sump pump.


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