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Green Building

Protecting our water resources is essential to sustaining our quality of life for future generations. That's why Hancor has researched and developed structurally superior products and systems that meet the green needs of our world.

By providing our customers with long-lasting products that are environmentally friendly, we offer a viable green alternative to concrete and steel pipe. Our engineered plastic system provides better hydraulic performance, extended service life, reductions in installation and maintenance costs, and a much smaller carbon footprint. As industry leaders, we will continue to introduce new environmentally-friendly products and applications – because the actions we take today will benefit the generations of the future.

Hancor systems and products also play a key role in project designs that are eligible for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.

Hancor Green Building Products include these top performing, long-lasting products. Click on any one of the products below for more detailed information.




This pipe has a minimum recycled content of 40% and offers the best watertight joint in the industry. It makes an excellent choice for detention systems. When used correctly, detention systems can qualify for LEED credit in both water efficiency and water quality, and water quantity control.



Storm Water Quality Units

Water quality products provide an effective way to treat water leaving a site, and trap pollutants. These innovative units are designed with two weir plates to trap oils and total suspended solids as the storm water flows through surface drainage structures and then into the water quality unit. When used correctly, these products can qualify projects for LEED credit for water quality.



Nyloplast® Surface Drainage Structure

These products are engineered to stringent design standards and are a natural complement to any Green Building project.




Friendly to the environment, geotextiles are strong, durable, and chemically inert. They are virtually unaffected by the effects of ground conditions, weather and aging.



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