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Multi-Purpose Distribution Sump

The Hancor Multi-Purpose Distribution Sump offers unmatched system design versatility in both on-site waste management and general drainage applications. The unique "either end up" design allows it to be used for level distribution or a 2", 6" or 8" (50, 150 or 200mm) drop. In heavily wooded areas, foundation and downspout drains that include sumps can be kept clog-free more easily. The sumps collect leaves, evergreen needles and other debris, and can then be easily opened and cleaned at ground level. This helps prevent underground clogging of drainage lines.

The Multi-Purpose Distribution Sump's octagonal shape features molded-on lids on both ends, either of which may be cut free with an ordinary handsaw. The cut lid then turns and locks on securely. An 8" (200mm) diameter tubing length may be used as a ground level access extension where needed.

The sump is molded from high-density polyethylene, and is completely corrosion proof and acid, alkali and frost resistant.


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