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This specification describes 18" and 21" (450 and 525mm) Hancor Meter Pits for use as meter enclosures.


Hancor Meter Pits shall be white in color. Meter pits shall be available in 18" (450mm) and 21" (525mm) diameters with a smooth interior and annular exterior corrugations. Based on ASTM D2412 at 5% deflection the pipe stiffness for 18" (450mm) and 21" (525mm) Meter Pits shall be 40 pii and 34 pii respectively. The pits shall be available in precut lengths of 24", 30", 36", 48", (600, 800, 900 and 1200) and in 12' (3.7m) uncut lengths. Meter Pits shall be notched at 0 and 180 degrees at the base of the pit to accommodate inlet and outlet pipes.

Material Properties

Meter pits shall be high density polyethylene meeting ASTM D3350 minimum cell classification 324420 B.


Installation shall be in accordance with Hancor installation instructions or those issued by regional, state, or local agencies.

Nominal Dimensions

Inner Diameter



Outer Diameter




6.3 lbs./ft.
(9.4 kg/m)

8 lbs./ft.
(11.9 kg/m)

Note 1:
Meter pit access for maintenance, inspection, or other reasons should be made in strict accordance with OSHA recommendations for confined space entry. Lid assemblies are provided by the distributor.
Note 2:
This product must be securely enclosed at the time of installation. Open or unsecured product creates a risk of serious injury or even death to adults, children or animals who may enter or fall into this product. Hancor assumes no liability for losses resulting from improper usage, installation, or failure to secure this product. Obtain additional information by calling Hancor's Application Engineering Department at 800-2HANCOR (242-6247) ext. 809.


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