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Meter Pits

Hancor has met and exceeded the demand for a durable, dependable meter pit.

The pits are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and will not corrode or crumble like steel or concrete enclosures can. And the bright white surface means better readability of gas and water meters.

"We have installed more than 2,000 Hancor Meter Pits and are very impressed with the durability these pits have shown," said Daniel Whalen, president of Whalen Construction Company. "We have saved many man hours by not having to make several trips hauling concrete pits back and forth to the job site."

Hancor Meter Pits are available in 18" (450mm) and 21" (525mm) diameters with pre-cut lengths ranging from 24" – 48" (600 – 1200mm). Uncut 12-foot lengths are also available and can be easily cut to any height.

Pre-cut notches at the bottom of the meter pit accommodate incoming and outgoing pipes and saves installation time. And the extra-strong and lightweight corrugated HDPE allows for year-round installation without cracking.



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