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Grease Interceptor

Innovative and Dependable Grease Removal

As municipalities respond to stricter EPA requirements for grease discharge, food service facilities face increasingly more stringent regulations. Hancor’s new Grease Interceptor offers an effective solution for efficient removal of incoming grease from kitchen waste streams before entering sanitary sewer lines.

Traditional large concrete septic tanks are subject to cracking and leaking because of their thin walls and mastic connections. And, concrete’s porous composition disintegrates more rapidly when exposed to animal fats and oils.

Now, Hancor’s Grease Interceptor made of chemical-resistant High Density Polyethylene allows design engineers to meet the new stringent EPA requirements.


Better Performance
When compared to concrete or metal structures, the polyethylene Grease Interceptor provides many important benefits:

  • High resistance to corrosion from food waste
  • Unaffected by strong acids and alkalis (operating pH range is 1.5 to 14)
  • Designed to provide superior service life compared to concrete and metal
  • Watertight sanitary joints prevent wastes from infiltrating water table
  • Light weight, easy to handle
  • Faster installation, with a minimum of heavy equipment
  • Easy cleaning through large access ports
Grease Interceptor Specifications
Grease Interceptor Specs

The Grease Interceptor is constructed to meet the design and dimensional requirements and found in Appendix H of the Uniform Plumbing Code, and to AASHTO standards. It is H-20 load rated when installed in accordance with Hancor installation details, and will accept most discharges associated with commercial food preparation.

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