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Hancor Gravelless pipe offers the homeowner a low-cost alternative to gravel-filled leach applications. Pipe is available in 8" and 10" (200 and 250mm) diameters and 10' and 20' (3 and 6m) lengths, with perforations and hole size dependent on diameters. Pipe exceeds ASTM F667 specifications. A convenient locator strip marking the top of the pipe is visible through the filter wrap and ensures correct placement of effluent holes. The specially-designed end cap allows easy connections to 4" (100mm) Smoothwall pipe.

When backfilled with native soil, Gravelless pipe provides safe and effective septic tank effluent treatment in sites determined to be suitable by your local health department.

The performance of gravelless systems has been verified through independent research performed at the University of Minnesota. This research evaluated the long-term acceptance rate of fabric-covered corrugated pipe for eight different soil types, and the pipe performed well in all soils tested except fine sand. Gravel-filled trenches in fine sand would likely perform in a similar manner.


8" (200mm) and 10" (250mm)


10' and 20' (3 and 6m)



Joining System:

Split band or internal snap coupler

Markets and Typical Applications


  • On-Site Waste Management

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