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ADS geosynthetic/geotextile products The selection of geosynthetics is constantly expanding with new geometrics and material composition. Standard and specialty products are offered for soil stabilization and reinforcement erosion control, drainage, filtration, separation, and other construction needs. All geosynthetics are strong, durable, chemically inert, environmentally compatible, and are virtually unaffected by the effects of ground conditions, weather and aging. Other requirements, such as resistance to creep, temperature, and UV exposure, can be specified.

Today, two industry leaders, Hancor and Propex Fabrics, have joined forces to provide a comprehensive line of Geotex® geotextiles and single-wall and dual wall corrugated polyethylene drainage pipe. Together, these products are becoming state-of-the-practice in civil and environmental engineering applications. The partnership of Hancor and Propex offers customers unparalleled availability, service and engineering support nationwide. Whether it's for heavy construction, major civil engineering projects or a home septic system, you'll find the right fabric and pipe for the job.

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Woven and nonwoven fabrics prevent ruts in unpaved roads and animal loafing areas. They also stabilize the ground under waste ponds and pits, and help keep silt and fine soil out of the collector pipe.

Silt Fences
Using silt fences controls runoff and sedimentation from newly graded slopes, construction borders and other areas where sedimentation control is essential.

Soil Reinforcement Blankets and Mats
The Propex Landlok® family of storm water management products improves water quality by promoting vegetation and providing erosion protection in channels and on slopes.

Hancor geogrids reinforce weak soils under embankments while saving a considerable amount of money over the conventional construction methods.

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