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 Filter Sock
  The filter sock provides a protective barrier around Hancor polyethylene pipe to keep fine soils out while letting water flow through.

• Filters out larger particles to minimize sediment build-up and reduce maintenance.


Geotextiles are ideal for applications involving fine soils. Sediment build-ups can result in a less effective drainage system. For agricultural applications, filter socks are effective in field drainage, subsurface irrigation and orchard drainage.

 On-site Waste Trench Liner
  These nonbiodegradable fabric barriers keep the drainage system flowing smoothly, allowing water passage while limiting soil infiltration.

• Keeps larger particles out of the system, reduces sediment build-up and minimizes maintenance requirements.


• These geotextiles are highly effective in many on-site waste management applications.

• In construction applications, on-site trench liners are effective in highway edge drainage, recreational fields, golf course drainage, building drainage and subdrainage, and French drains. They are applied directly to the pipe or used to line the trench.


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