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Distribution Box

The Hancor Distribution Box is designed to accommodate up to seven outlet lines of 4" (100mm) corrugated Channel-Flow® or Smoothwall sewer and drain pipe. Most piping configurations for single absorption field designs are possible. The heavily ridged, reinforced box is designed to distribute effluent by gravity flow evenly throughout the field. The inlet flange provides a watertight connection for 4" (100mm) Schedule 40 PVC and 4" (100mm) Smoothwall sewer and drain pipe. The flange located on top of the Distribution Box can be used with a ground level access pipe for clean out and with a section of 6" (150mm) non-perforated corrugated plastic piping and 6" (150mm) snap-on end cap. This should be sealed at the box flange with tape or sealant.

The Distribution Box is made from high-density polyethylene for maximum strength to weight ratio and economy. It handles and installs far more easily than its clay or concrete counterparts and costs less as a result. Corrosion proof and acid, alkali and frost resistant, the box measures 9-1/2" x 14" x 25-7/8" and is sold in bundles of two. The ground level access pipe is sold separately.


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