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FINDLAY, Ohio – April 28, 2008:
Hancor, Inc. is excited to announce an addition to their current family of dual wall pipe products. This next generation of pipe named N-12 HP (High Performance) is anticipated to create a revolution within the drainage industry generating a significant paradigm shift on the products that are currently offered.  N-12 HP's unique engineered structure will allow greater opportunities for the product to be specified on more storm, sanitary and high performance project applications.

N-12 HP will be commercially available through the company's nationwide distribution network in early 2009.  Hancor is announcing this today so that the organization's Engineering Sales force has sufficient time to educate the nation's leading specifying design engineers of the broader capabilities this new product has to offer.

"One might think because Hancor has enjoyed tremendous acceptance of our existing products, we may be tempted to rest on our laurels.  This is not the case and not our reality.  Hancor is constantly looking for innovative ways to improve our product offering," Joe Chlapaty, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Hancor said. "Our significant investment in the development of this patented N-12 HP product line is a great example of Hancor's commitment to our industry.  As with all Hancor products, N-12 HP offers a high quality, value enhanced solution providing significant installed cost savings for our customers.  N-12 HP will advance the industry as we know it today."

This innovative new product couples the most advanced resin technology with highly engineered profile designs, resulting in a product with significantly greater pipe stiffness, beam strength and enhanced service life performance.  N-12 HP is manufactured utilizing a unique light grey resin color to enhance post installation inspection.

N-12 HP's highly engineered triple-wall construction far surpasses any other products currently being offered today.  The product's smooth exterior wall design supported by a corrugated structural core provides for improved stiffness and greater beam strength to minimize deflection, shed point load while also providing enhanced jobsite durability and easier backfill installation. In fact, the backfill requirements for N-12 HP are less stringent than those currently required with traditional products.

N-12 HP's smooth interior wall incorporates a dual banded, extended bell and a spigot with two gaskets for added safety.  Product will be available in diameters up to 60" (1500mm).  Its standard length will be 20' (6.096m), with shorter lengths available for trench box, deep burial installations.

Efforts are now underway to obtain the appropriate ASTM and AASHTO specifications.  N-12 HP will be specified through a new ASTM standard currently under development.

FINDLAY, OH – Hancor announces N-12 HP High-Performance Pipe; the revolutionary pipe design provides advanced solutions for storm sewer and high end applications.
(Photo by Hancor)

About Hancor, Inc. Hancor is a solutions provider. One of the nation's largest suppliers of storm water management systems, Hancor manufactures a wide variety of plastic drainage products for the commercial, residential, construction and agricultural markets. Hancor was founded in 1887 in Findlay, Ohio and operates manufacturing facilities and service centers across the country.  For more information call 1-888-FOR PIPE (367-7473) or log on to www.hancor.com.

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