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New Storm Water Management
Solution From Hancor


Findlay, Ohio – February 1, 2006: Hancor offers a new storm water retention/detention chamber for engineers and contractors. LandSaver™ is specially engineered to meet the demands of subsurface storm water management applications.

The structure's design offers versatility through different design options and can be used in different applications. LandSaver's open bottom design can retain storm water and then allow it to infiltrate slowly into the soil, assisting in recharging the groundwater. The chamber can also be used for detention to relieve peak flows through an outlet control structure.

The chamber technology can help reduce system costs and assist in achieving the most efficient land use possible. "Hancor's LandSaver does what its name implies – it helps maximize available land for more productive uses," says Bill Altermatt, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Hancor. "LandSaver is one more solution from Hancor that effectively manages storm water runoff."

LandSaver provides effective and long-lasting subsurface storage for commercial, industrial, recreational and residential developments. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to install. Its secure, overlapping joints provide a dependable connection while its sidewall openings and open bottom reduce the need for expensive connections. Plus LandSaver's large storage volume per square foot offers enhanced site optimization.

Hancor is a solutions provider. One of the nation's largest suppliers of storm water management systems, Hancor manufactures a wide variety of plastic drainage products for the commercial, residential, construction and agricultural markets. Hancor was founded in 1887 in Findlay, Ohio and operates manufacturing facilities and service centers across the country


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