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Turf and Recreation

Proper drainage is the foundation of high performance athletic and recreational fields. With high level of play and traffic, changes in soil moisture can be detrimental to the turf's natural ability to handle the load.

A properly designed and maintained drainage system can offer the following benefits: Healthier grass and sod, effective use of turf nutrients, less chance of disease, maximized playability, less chance of compaction, removal of soluble salts, protection of your investment and safety of the players.

Hancor corrugated polyethylene pipe provides the drainage your fields demand. You'll find it in public and private venues across the nation and the world.

Our product can be used in applications including:

  • Golf courses/Sports Playing Fields
  • Playgrounds/Parks
  • Parking Lots
  • Pond Equalizer
  • Edge Drains/Sub Drainage
  • Culvert
  • Landscaping

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Typical Products

Dual Wall Pipe
Single Wall Pipe
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