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As the need for storm water management increases worldwide, Hancor, Inc. leads the way with innovative storm water drainage solutions. An example of Hancor's technological leadership includes being the first manufacturer to produce large diameter HDPE pipe, including 60" (1500mm) offering an annular corrugated exterior for strength, a smooth interior for superior hydraulics, and an integral bell and spigot for a quick and dependable joining system.

And now Hancor introduces yet another industry first with its BLUE SEAL® gravity flow watertight solution. BLUE SEAL is Hancor's new patent pending and highly engineered composite pipe joining system that is being described as the best watertight solution on the market. Available in a complete range of sizes from 12" – 60" (300 – 1500mm) diameters, this exclusive Hancor solution is 3rd party certified to meet 10.8 psi water and vacuum testing requirements and EPA Phase II best management practices.

Typical construction applications for Hancor pipe products include storm sewer systems, culverts and cross drains, edge and slope drainage, and retention / detention systems for land maximization solutions.


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